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Spruce up your customer experience with our latest business skills sessions

With hospitality and tourism businesses enjoying the sunshine as high occupancy rates return to pre-pandemic levels, NBSL are urging businesses to look ahead and secure their place for the launch of Better Business Skills – now in its 3rd year of providing tailored skills knowledge, coaching and mentoring through facilitated workshops.

With sales & customer experience taking centre stage in the latest session line up, this programme will help individuals evolve their service and improve understanding around the all-important customer journey – potentially helping to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

The new, fully funded Autumn 2022 programme, Better Business Skills, in partnership with the North of Tyne Combined Authority, will provide a tailored plan for individuals and businesses that need guidance and support to re-invigorate and refresh their business skills, recover their spirit and service ethos to help them ensure customers return again and again. 

Better Business Skills is an initiative aimed at residents and businesses living and working in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North Tyneside and Northumberland and has been developed in response to the challenging and ever-changing economic landscape currently faced by businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Budget management and leadership sessions make a welcome return and are regular features of the programme along with tailored support around branding, marketing, sales and pitching to ensure your conversion rates see a turn upwards.

David Jackson, Skills Manager at NBSL said: “We know that our rapidly changing landscape is a major issue facing small and medium-sized businesses. These new sessions will allow a customer-orientated skillset to emerge that will provide resilience, strength and above all ensure that customer needs are at the heart of any business.”

One recent attendee, Sarah Alcock from Simonside Marketing based in North Tyneside said: “The format is centred on a small group of business owners and we not only learned from experts but were able to share experiences – feeling fully engaged.  This level of interaction meant I gained meaningful knowledge from professionals as well as likeminded businesses.  It’s refreshing to not only learn and improve my business skills but also interact with similar businesses outside of my industry that often see things differently – or indeed how my customers would see me.”

Another attendee, Karen Williamson, from Delivering Differently in Northumberland, added “The programme is fabulous at identifying your individual needs and then tailoring a programme – fine tuning my needs gave me real confidence that my time would be well spent. 

Linda Ogle from Wydon Farm B&B learned a great deal whilst taking part in the Better Business Skills programme finding the online support platform particularly useful and found the tutors very knowledgeable and above all, very friendly – understanding her unique proposition and situation.

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