Offshore windfarm

Can we save money and also save the environment?

At home and at work we are all looking at how and where we can cut costs these days and one of our key worries is the cost of energy. We know some of the basics and the principle that ‘every penny counts’ so you, like us, are probably identifying the dreaded ‘vampire energy stealers’ and switching off whatever and wherever you can. Cutting down on unnecessary journeys, turning the thermostat down by a degree or two, and if the British weather gives us the treat of a hot summer open windows and doors instead of air conditioning.

At the same time we all know that the environment is under threat and given this our only home we have to do whatever we can to help it and us thrive, where do you start? You may ask, does it really matter what a small business here in the North east does anyway?

Do our customers care or value whether we are trying to deliver in a more sustainable ethical way?

On a personal level do you, or would you, prefer to do business, give your trade, to local companies who do? Many businesses are now realising that it does make a difference to deliver their goods or services in a sustainable way and that we all individually and as a business have a responsibility to try and do our best to do so.

But what can you do? Where do you start? It seems to us that there are lots of buzz phrases out there but what do they mean? Carbon offsetting; carbon neutral; net zero; sustainability, climate emergency and many more.

Remember the old saying ‘to eat an elephant you take one small bite at a time’ so here are 3 small tips that might help you make a start.

What are we ‘throwing away’? Can we reduce our waste?

Recycling, Vintage, Previously Loved are all expressions we hear every day – can we apply some of those principles to our business?

Recycle- what can we recycle?  Does everyone know what we are recycling, where and how we can either dispose of or even use again. Make it simple and clear.

Can we save costs and be more sustainable by ‘going paperless’? Are our customers happy with electronic communications? Do we really need all the hard copy files? Where could you reduce costs in your processes and service? Of course we need to make sure we have the relevant audit trails and security but could we do it?

Measure and reduce our Carbon Footprint

For many businesses, large and small Covid -19 reduced their carbon footprint. How? Not just working from home for those who could but think of all the online and digital meetings that were introduced, the reduction in mileage and the costs to the environment never mind the saved time and angst of the traffic jams.

Many businesses, including us here at NBSL, have chosen to continue hybrid working and by reducing the need for travel we are limiting our carbon footprint without impacting on our productivity and quality of service we provide to SMEs across the Northeast.

Can I get any help?

In life in general it’s always good to know someone who can, it saves so much time and effort researching, developing the expertise etc. NBSL are working in partnership with the ToNetZero team to deliver a fully funded (no charge) programme for people who live in Newcastle, Northumberland and North Tyneside area who want to play their part.

You can get more information about the ToNetZero programme from:

Nick Devitt – [email protected] – 07714 294 242