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Coaching – A valuable tool to build confidence

Coaching assists individuals with their personal development or orientation by helping to remove barriers in order for the individual to achieve their goals. Focusing on solutions rather than problems, coaching will develop the knowledge, skills and self-belief of learners to empower them to make positive changes in their own business.

With over 200 people now supported on NBSL’s skills programme, Better Business Skills, NBSL are now launching Season three with the benefit of coaching now added into the support package.

The fully funded Autumn programme, in partnership with the North of Tyne Combined Authority, provides a tailored skills development plan for individuals and businesses that need guidance and support to re-invigorate their business skills – now with additional coaching support to ensure skills learned can be implemented into their business with confidence.

Season three of this innovative programme sees the development of sessions split into two – the first workshop focussing on specialist knowledge and specific skills with the second workshop providing a facilitated coaching session.

Delivered by industry experts the second workshop will operate as a group coaching session, allowing our coaching support to act as a:

  • Supporter
  • Challenger
  • Sounding Board
  • Networker
  • Catalyst
  • Critical Friend

Learners will then be able to:

  • take charge of their own implementation of what they have learnt on Workshop 1
  • release their potential
  • achieve the results which they value

Coaching when implemented effectively, supports key strategic training and development initiatives, delivers significant improvement and change; and empowers individuals to take ownership of their own personal business development.

David Jackson, Skills Manager of NBSL said: “The new coaching sessions will help develop the knowledge, skills and much needed self-belief of learners to empower them to make positive changes in their business and we’re appealing to all small businesses – and employees – to invest time in updating their skills to help invigorate their life.”

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