Meet the Better Business Skills trainers: Mhari Breen

Flexibility is one of the major benefits of the Better Business Skills programme, with learners having freedom to pick and choose from 11 different workshops which cover topics ranging from budgeting to branding.

Mhari Breen, who leads a team of industry experts also delivers five of the skills sessions and explains how they are tailored to suit people from all sorts of business backgrounds, who live in the North of Tyne area.

How do you make sure the workshops are suitable for different people with different levels of business knowledge?

As trainers, we’re really flexible and can adapt our workshops to make sure they suit different people’s needs.

Whatever someone’s starting point, we want to leave them in a better position and with more knowledge and confidence than they started with. But everyone is different, so some people might want to gain practical skills around sales and talking to customers, while others might want to understand more about management theory.

Our ultimate aim is to give people who come on the really straightforward, practical support for their own business and their life. Some people attend to support career development in the business – it really is tailored to a personal need and can help improve skills for life.

And how do you make sure people can apply what they learn in real life?

All my sessions have practical elements people can take away and use in their own business.

As Better Business Skills trainers, we’ve all come from an industry background so have experience of putting what we’re teaching into action, and I want the people I teach to be able to put their learning into action as well.

What are some of the sessions which you deliver as part of Better Business Skills and can you give a taster of what people will learn in them?

In The Sales Toolbox session, you’ll learn techniques which you can use to increase sales, attract new customers, and – very importantly – increase the sales you’re making to their existing customers.

Pitching to Perfection helpsyou create a really great ‘elevator pitch’ for your business and then adapt that to use in different ways, for example on LinkedIn, or when talking to potential customers. Sometimes, people think an elevator pitch won’t be that useful but, in fact, they usually go on to use it time and time again in lots of different situations.

Sales and pitching are often barriers that people face in business. People might come to the sessions thinking ‘I’m not a sales person, I can’t do sales’. These workshops can help you change this perception, gain confidence and self-esteem, and leave feeling more comfortable talking about your business.

And another workshop that I know people find really useful is How to Make Money Last, where we talk about finance: things like how to put together a forecast of sales and cash flow, and how to use your financial data to make business decisions.

And how do the group coaching sessions work?

After each workshop, people come back a week later for a group coaching session. This is where they can talk about what they’ve learnt and how they’ll use it in their business.

Really often, people come back with really great ideas to talk about and I know people who’ve attended in the past have gained so much, not just from me but from the feedback they get from others in the sessions as well.

NBSL’s fully-funded, online skills programme Better Business Skills is a flexible programme of workshops spanning topics from management to marketing and is now open for registrations for its Autumn sessions funded by North of Tyne Combined Authority.

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