Meet the Better Business Skills trainers: Scott Goodacre

With a background in journalism and digital marketing, Scott Goodacre provides the Better Business Skills programme with answers to questions you panic about…  Should your business be on Instagram? Where have your customers gone? What’s the difference between a brand and logo?

Scott delivers three marketing-focused workshops as part of NBSL’s Better Business Skills course. Here’s a taster of what the sessions are like.

You lead workshops on branding, social media, and finding customers. How would you describe the sessions?

I make sure they’re really accessible, practical and actionable, so people can go away and use what they’ve learnt in their own lives and businesses.

The people I see in my workshops aren’t professional marketers but they are people who have an idea or a dream, and I want to make sure that every single person who comes to one of the workshops learns something that helps them make their business a success.

What kinds of people have attended your sessions in the past?

We’ve had people who have an idea for a business but haven’t set it up yet; people who’ve been trading for years and want to plug a gap in their knowledge; and people who are just starting out in a marketing career, like apprentices or trainees.

And there’s been a really broad mix in terms of the types of businesses they run, or want to set up, from yoga teachers and jewellers to the owner of a rum distillery.

What are some of the most useful things people can take away from your workshops?

The sessions are really helpful for people who want to untangle their knowledge of all the different social media options, like Facebook advertising and Instagram, and to understand more about the kind of content that will help them to reach customers.

Overall, I want people to leave with more confidence – confidence that they understand more about how marketing works, confidence in trying new things, and the confidence to change what they’re doing if it isn’t working.

The facilitated coaching sessions are very useful following each workshop, this allows attendees to come back and ask more questions, tell me what they’ve tried since the last session, and I can give them feedback and advice. People always say this is really useful.

Why should someone who wants to learn about marketing their business sign up for this course in particular?

It’s suitable for everyone, whether you know anything about marketing or not. And it’s fully funded! It’s an amazing piece of business support that’s out there and can help you develop a long-term, profitable business or improve your career prospects in the business you work in.

Better Business Skills is a great choice overall as it’s so flexible. People can sign up for the marketing sessions or, if they want to cover a wider range of topics, we also have sessions on budgeting, customer service and more.

NBSL’s fully-funded, online skills programme Better Business Skills is a flexible programme of workshops spanning topics from management to marketing and is now open for registrations for its Autumn sessions funded by North of Tyne Combined Authority.

Could more knowledge about marketing and social media help your business? Get in touch to find out more about registering for a business skills session with Scott:

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